2014 HBAR President: Tim Parent

Dear HBAR Members,Tim Parent_2489-8x10

I am honored to serve as the 2014 President of the Home Building Association of Richmond and I thank you for your trust in me to represent this outstanding association.

The Richmond Housing Market has seen such a vast improvement over these last two years and it will continue with the hard from us all.   Along with the housing market, the Home Building Association of Richmond has had several accomplishments over the past year. To name a few they are:

  • Increased Membership Recruitment tools with a New Marketing Campaign
  • Added a multifamily housing council
  • Continued Legislative successes with local and state elected bodies

The 2014 calendar year will be filled with both challenges and successes. I am confident that we will keep the momentum moving forward and improve yet again when looking back on 2014. It will not come easy. It will take hard work from HBAR leadership that includes the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Council and Committee  Chairs, and you as members. HBAR represents not just builders but those that supply products and services to builders that make building homes possible.  All parts of our industry can make a positive difference by contributing a bit of your day, week, or month to a larger common goal of a successful marketplace.

Two overarching goals during my term as President in 2014 are to continue to improve on our membership recruitment and retention as well as our effectiveness or each of the many HBAR committees/councils. Our members need to know that the precious resources they contribute to the association pays off with positive results for the industry and community of which their livelihood depends.  Our trusted staff and committees work hard to organize a variety of programs and services throughout the year to help the builder members and associate members increase productivity.  I plan on working closely with the committees/councils to make sure that the needs and messages from the core of our organization are being heard at the level of the executive committee and board meetings.  These two topics are so important among any organization but especially ours as we hope to foster growth in the Richmond building market.  One of the ways to accomplish all the above is to believe in you as members and to reach out for help when it is needed.  Staying involved, as a member, is the best way for all of us to get the most from our association.

We have many types of council and committees that will not only benefit from your participation but you too will benefit from being around industry professionals and like-minded individuals.  Please go to or call 804.282.0400 to find out what you can do to help our community prosper and grow.

Tim Parent Signature

Tim Parent

President 2014