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The Home Building Association of Richmond (HBAR) is a professional trade association representing land developers and home builders who deliver new construction single-family, townhome, condominium, and apartment homes throughout Virginia’s capital region. Our membership extends to all facets of the development and home building process to include architects, engineers, excavators, electricians, plumbers, mortgage brokers, remodelers and more.

    HBAR offers Four Key Areas of Service to the Industry


    HBAR is an insurance policy on residential construction in the Richmond region. It is the only professional trade association solely focused on land development and residential construction, educating elected officials and local government administrations on matters of policy and process that impact the day-to-day operations of home building. Without HBAR, there is no check on regulation.


      HBAR is the largest rolodex of land development and residential construction expertise. Richmond businesses do business with those they trust. Relationships are established and grown through industry collaboration. Programs and events are intentionally designed to nurture efficient and meaningful connections between all facets within the industry.


        The 20 Clubs are comprised of builders and remodelers from non-competing markets who meet several times a year to share their business expertise, learning from each other how to improve operations and increase bottom lines. A variety of education programs and certifications extending beyond the builder are also available through the National Association of Home Builders, accessed through HBAR membership.


          HBAR offers business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing opportunities throughout the year. Industry events provide sponsorship and branding opportunities, consumer events provide branding and in-person engagement to thousands of potential customers.